Ing. arch. Alena Novotná

I’m a freelance artist from Czech Republic.

I have been interested in art and photography almost since my birth. I started to pay more attention to photography since 2007 and it became my biggest hobby and work. In 2009 I won 1st place in the Junior Photographer of the Year competition and a year later 3rd place. I led a photography club at the leisure centre Žlutá podonorka Turnov, and I am a member of the Safír Turnov photo club. Later I also started working on video and animation. I participated in several international workshops and led the video and animation club in the leisure centre.

I studied architecture at the Technical University of Liberec. During my studies, I focused on interior design and creation of visualizations. During the Erasmus+ internship abroad, I got to know 3D printing technology, deepened my skills in graphic design and video editing, I also worked with print on textile and fell in love with knitwear design. In parallel with the master’s degree in architecture, I trained as a women’s tailor.

I like to learn new things and meet new people. I’m not afraid of working with my hands. It’s a nice change and relaxation from working on the computer. I am very happy to participate in the implementation of my designs and I like challenges in the form of unusual orders.